Citroen Launches Special Edition C1 ‘Connexion’ – Designed by Facebook Fans

While the Citroen C1 has been around for a few years now (seven, to be precise), it seems that Citroen are not willing to let go of the Toyota Aygo based motor too easily. They have launched a UK-only special edition of the car, which has been designed by Citroen’s Facebook fans.

It features a black exterior finish, with Scarlet Red accents, LED running lights and some rather nifty 14-inch alloys. However, the color scheme doesn’t stop on the outside, as the interior gets Scarlet Red accents as well – around the speedo, air vents and central console.

Powering the little Citroen is the same 1.0-liter Toyota engine which puts out the same 68 hp it has always done, and it is carried over with no modifications. This engine is very characterful and its three-pot warble almost makes you forget that it almost completely lacks torque low down.

Being based on the VTR trim, and being a ‘special edition’, it carries a £500 premium over the regular car, with prices starting at £9,495 for the three-dor version. Citroen also say it has £925-worth of extra kit thrown in for free, so it seems like a good deal.


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