iPhone 5 Confirmed via Developer Logs

A developer whose application has been used to test an iPhone 5 unit has confirmed the existence of Apple’s next-generation smartphone via code strings extracted from his / her server logs.

Leaked by a “reliable” source to technology site Tech Crunch, the screenshot above indicates the appropriate moniker for Apple’s next-in-line iPhone. For comparison, the iPhone 4 is referred to as iPhone 3,1 in iOS code.

The 4S is thus iPhone 4,1, and while you’d expect the iPhone 5 to be designated as iPhone 5,1, the 5,2 moniker makes us look forward, not backwards.

The iPhone 5 (which Apple will most likely refer to as “the new iPhone”) is on track to be released this fall, namely on the 12th of September, if recent reports are to be believed. The handset will boast a bigger screen, a relocated headphone jack, a smaller dock connector, and a redesigned back side, going by the latest hardware leaks.


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