Plextor M5 Pro solid-state drive review (512GB)

The good: The Plextor M5 Pro solid-state drive (SSD) offers fast performance and comes with useful accessories and software.

The bad: The drive doesn’t include a USB-SATA adapter, and its pricing is not known at the time of the review.

The bottom line: Fast and compatible with all systems, the Plextor M5 Pro would be a great solid-state drive for anyone who can afford it.

I’ve been reviewing solid-state drives (SSDs) from Plextor in order, starting with the M2, then the M3, but now I just broke that pattern by jumping straight to the M5 Pro, which was announced today, skipping the M5s.

The reason for this? Apart from doing it just because I could, the M5 Pro is intended to be Plextor’s new top-tier drive and also the first from the company that supports the new 7mm design. I’ve got my priorities straight; in my testing, the drive indeed deserved this special attention.

The M5 Pro looks a lot better than Plextor’s previous drives, which already look very good, and also offers fast performance. It also comes with a drive bay converter and more software than you need. Unfortunately, since I actually tested it prior to its release date, the information on its pricing wasn’t available. That said, if the drive costs around $1.50 per gigabyte or less, it will make an excellent investment.

If not, you should also check out the Intel 520 series, the RunCore Pro V as alternatives, and I will possibly lower its rating.

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