Download Chrome 21.0.1180.81 Beta with Printing and Flash Fixes

While Chrome 22 is getting very close to being released to the beta channel, Chrome 21 is still lingering there. It’s not actually lingering either, it’s getting updated. Chrome 21.0.1180.81 is now available in the beta channel bringing with it quite a lot of fixes.

An issue with “duplex printing” being enabled by default, when it shouldn’t have been, has been fixed so you won’t be wasting any more dead trees. Other than the ones you’re already wasting by printing something out in the first place. If you’re fine with that, you should also be glad to hear that print preview no longer “takes forever” on Windows XP.

An issue with the Pepper version of Flash, which is the default in Chrome 21 on Windows, that prevented it from uploading to Amazon’s S3 storage cloud has been resolved. TLS 1.1 has been disabled in Chrome 21, to prevent a problem with SSL authentication on Microsoft’s IIS. All of these will be making their way to the stable channel soon.

Download Google Chrome for Windows
Download Google Chrome for Mac


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