Download OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.1 Build 12B17 – Developer News

The Cupertino, California-based computer company run by Tim Cook is asking its developer community to continue to test areas like Active Directory, iCal, Microsoft Exchange in Mail, PAC proxies in Safari, SMB, USB, and WiFi, in the latest Mountain Lion beta, OS X 10.8.1 Build 12B17.

Released via its Developer connection channels this weekend, OS X 10.8.1 Build 12B17 weighs in at 43MB as a delta update and arrives with no known issues, indicating that development is coming along nicelly.

The Mac makers in Cupertino have expanded the list of focus areas for developers, but the increment is still relatively small, which suggests OS X 10.8.1 will be hitting our software updaters shortly.

Apple has had to deal with a number of issues in Mountain Lion since the official release in late July, including a battery drainage problem on MacBook Pro computers.

It is not uncommon for Apple to roll out a maintenance update right after a new OS release. In fact, if history is any indication, this is pretty much a given with every major software release from Apple.

“OS X Mountain Lion Update 10.8.1 is an update to OS X Mountain Lion 10.8,” reads the documentation accompanying the new test build.

“Please refer to the seed not for more details and installation instructions,” says the Cupertino, California-based computer giant.

A note labeled as “important” is also included with the download.

It states that “Pre-release software, including information about pre-release software, is Apple Confidential Information and is subject to the terms of your iOS Developer Program License Agreement, Mac Developer Program License Agreement, and/or Registered Apple Developer Agreement, as applicable.”

“Unauthorized distribution or disclosure of Apple Confidential Information is prohibited,” says the Mac maker.

In other words, developers should not disclose the contents of these Mountain Lion seeds. However, as it is the case with this build, the information hardly ever stays hidden from the prying eyes of the media.

Apple has also released an incremental test build of OS X Lion, version 10.7.5, which asks developers to direct their testing efforts towards Graphics performance and quality as well as Image & Media importing, editing or viewing.


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