iPod nano 7G Coming Alongside iPhone 5, German Club Suggests

Shell Germany awards members are receiving letters regarding an “unexpected” delay in the delivery of “old” generation iPod nanos. The reason seems to be the upcoming introduction of a new model.

German site iFun points out to a promo by Shell Germany which enables Apple fans to get an iPod nano with their awards points. Lately, however, participants haven’t been able to get their portable Apple players.

Why? “There is an unexpected delay in the delivery of your Shell CLUBSMART premium ‘Apple iPod nano 8GB blue’ due to an upcoming re-introduction of this device from Apple (according to our information),” reads the letter sent to Shell Germany award winners.

“Therefore Apple is currently not able to deliver the ‘old’ model,” reads an agreed-upon human translation posted by 9to5mac.

Indeed Apple is said to be hosting a special event this September, but the centerpiece of the festivity will be the unveiling of a new iPhone, and potentially a new version of the iPad.

The announcement of a new iPod nano is not far fetched and, in fact, could help bolster Apple’s new dock connector, which is said to be spreading across the entire iDevice lineup in the coming months.

Perhaps it is worth recalling that Japanese blog Macotakara once quoted its sources as saying that Apple had plans to introduce a seventh-generation iPod nano with an “oblong style” case, “not square shaped.”

The Japanese blog added in July that “[the] case size seems to become smaller in 3 quarters than iPod nano (5th generation), and thickness seems to be thinner than iPod nano (6th generation)’s body without back-clip.”

The player would also boast a Home button and a display that is large enough to run a full-fledged version of Apple’s iOS.

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