New Nokia Windows Phone 8 Screen Bezel Hints to 4.0-Inch Display

It looks like another front panel of an alleged Nokia Windows Phone 8 device has just leaked in the wild. No later than yesterday, a reference display was spotted online, which suggests Nokia will launch a Windows Phone 8 device that will feature a 4.3-inch display.

Today, the folks over at WPCentral have leaked another screen bezel, but this one is a bit smaller and not so rounded as the previous one.

The new bezel suggests that Nokia will also announce a Windows Phone 8 device that will sport a slightly smaller 4.0-inch capacitive touchscreen display.

This time it features the “” site and the “not for sale” emblazoned on it, which indicates that this will be added to a development device.

Other than that, there are no additional details on the upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices, but we will most likely learn more in early September, when the Finnish company is expected to make an official announcement.

By phantomhell Posted in Gadgets

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