Pod2g: Little Chance of Apple Releasing iOS 5.1.2 to Patch SMS Flaw [Exclusive]

iPhone hacker Cyril, also known to the jailbreak scene as Pod2g, has provided a few helpful answers for us regarding his SMS spoofing discovery as of late.

We had recently speculated that Apple might release iOS 5.1.2 in order to patch the flaw before someone takes advantage of it. Pod2g insists that there’s very little chance of that.

“I think it’ll be fixed in iOS 6 final, as it is not remote code execution, it’s not that urgent,” the hacker told Softpedia.

He hasn’t contacted Apple about the bug, and he clarified for us that his discovery cannot be used to poke a hole in iOS for a future jailbreak.

He also noted, “I don’t consider SMS spoofing to be that dangerous,” which is probably why he didn’t bother Apple with it. And while there have been times when the hacking community took maters into its own hands, this is not one of those times, Pod2g believes.

Apple also released a statement regarding Cyril’s discovery. Read all about it here.


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