Boxopus and “Download” Your Torrents to the Cloud

A couple of months ago, Boxopus made quite a splash by enabling users to “download” torrents directly to their Dropbox accounts. This was convenient for a lot of reasons, however Dropbox didn’t take kindly to this use of its API and blocked the service.

At this point, Boxopus still can’t direct your files to Dropbox, but it can grab BitTorrent files for you. You can then download the files from the Boxopus servers, like any other file from the web. While this is obviously less convenient, Boxopus can still prove quite useful.

For one, if BitTorrent transfers are throttled, having the files first sent to Boxopus means that you can then download them at full speed from the web. Obviously, it BitTorrent transfers are blocked all together, this is an obvious solution.

Same goes if you want to grab some files but you’re away from your computer. You can direct them to Boxopus and then download them faster when you get home.

Somewhat less useful is using Boxopus as an anonymizing service. Anyone monitoring BitTorrent transfers would not be able to link you to any download directly. Of course, Boxopus is legally obligated to reveal any information about you and your downloads should the police come knocking on its door.

In its current form, Boxopus is very similar to, a service that has been around for around three years now. also enables you to grab BitTorrent files and then download them from its servers.

There are some differences though. is now open to anyone, but you only get 1 GB of storage for free. That’s great if what you need to get is smaller than that, but not if the torrent you want is bigger.

On the other hand, Boxopus is still invite-only and still hasn’t resolved its issue with Dropbox. Everywhere on the site you’ll still see claims that this works with Dropbox though, it’s only after you register and try to download something that you find out that it doesn’t actually work. also comes with several streaming options, enabling you to watch videos or listen to music from the cloud and works with other files besides torrents.


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