iPod nano Watches Never Looked This Good Before

The Paradox iPod nano kit is out and it’s probably the first watch kit that really makes the small Apple player look good as a watch, even though there have been countless attempts at making it look like a classy accessory.

Sure it’s been marketed as wearable for years, but it really comes down to the watch band and the frame. Wearing just the player with a colorful wrist band works only for geeks. Apple’s marketing page is a perfect example of that.

People who like to put out a mature image might want something more stylish. And the Paradox iPod nano watch kit is perfect for that!

All you need to do is order the kit ($69, US only) and use it at home to “convert your iPod Nano into one of the most powerful watches in our current era of timepieces.”

It’s engineered from high-grade stainless steel (SUS 316) and completely encloses the iPod Nano in industrial-design fashion, according to its marketing page.

Of course, this is exactly what makes it look like a real watch. There’s no giveaway that underneath that steel is a colorful little music box. Throw in Apple’s clock faces and this thing is suddenly worth every penny.

The Paradox is embedded with external buttons (which also look like watch gears) and features interchangeable straps, allowing you to wear what fits with every day’s outfit.

“What’s more, unlike other iPod Nano watch kits, the Paradox’s patent pending design has a stainless steel flap that allows easy access to the 30-pin dock connector and protects it from dust and debris,” reads the key features list.

In the box you’ll be getting a serialized, stainless steel Paradox watch conversion kit, a high-quality all black rubber silicone strap, and a spare set of screws. The makers ask customers to note that once they equip the player with the kit, only Apple earbuds will fit the headphone jack.


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