Lloyds TSB Scam Urges Users to Update Personal Details

Another Lloyds TSB Bank phishing scam is making the rounds via email, attempting to trick the financial institution’s customers into handing over their personal details. 

“Dear customer, This message is from Lloyds TSB security Team and has been sent to all new and existing customer to update their personal data,” the fake emails read.

“We have listen to your complains and that is why Lloyds TSB is sending this message to all account holders to secure their account using our new security section to spot any kind of suspicious action on your account.”

This time, the site that has been hijacked to host the crooks’ malicious webpage is the one of an Australian company that offers personal and professional coaching.

This page replicates the Lloyds TSB customer login page in an attempt to steal sensitive information from unsuspecting users.

It goes without saying that users should never enter their credentials on websites hosted on domains that don’t genuinely belong to a bank.


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