Skype 4.1 Brings Photo Sharing to iOS

The iPhone and iPad implementation of Skype can now send and receive photos and features updated privacy settings, as well as minor visual improvements. The app’s developers also fixed a bug related to Bluetooth and calls.

The Microsoft-owned Skype today announced a major new release of Skype for iPhone and iPad. “Millions of people use Skype for iPhone or Skype for iPad each month. Today, with updates to both apps, we are introducing a frequently requested feature: Photo Sharing for iOS,” said Skype.

The Photo Share feature will let you access the camera roll and send existing photos to your loved ones. There aren’t any limitations to the file size, which means Skype might actually become users’ app of choice for image uploads, thanks to this particular update.

The app should be less power-hungry, allowing users to keep it open at all times without fear of wasting battery, and missing any updates from their friends.

Download Skype for iPhone (Free)

Download Skype for iPad (Free)


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