The Chery QQ is a city car that has been in production since 2003. This little 5-door model looks a little bit like the first Daewoo Matiz and is just as small. Four years ago, it held the title of the cheapest ca in the world and besides China is also made and sold in Chile as the Chery IQ and Russia as the Chery Sweet.
The current model has been in the middle of a copyright dispute between the Chinese automake and General Motors, who have accused them (rightfully) that they copied the aforementioned Daewoo Matiz. Thankfully, the new one copies a bunch of other cars, so GM can now rest.

Two fully built 2013 Chery QQs have been photographed out in the open by a Chinese website. The new city car looks a bit bigger and will likely be powered by slightly larger engines as well, a 1.1- and a 1.3-liter paired to a four-speed automatic.

Look for a Chinese market launch next year, after the car is shown at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2012. The new QQ will reportedly coexist with the old one for a while, since it will be slightly more expensive.

Among the cooler features of this car, we’d name the all-glass rear hatch and the cool placement of the door handles.


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