Volskwagen Confirms Two-Cylinder Up in Brazil

The Fiat 500 won`t be the only car in its class, with an efficient two-cylinder engine, as VW officials have announced that their new city car, the Up!, will also get a two-pot powerplant. The information comes from autocar.co.uk, and was confirmed by VW at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show.

It will use a modified version of the 800cc powerplant used in the XL1, which has also been confirmed for production, next year, as well. The two-cylinder powerplant is compatible with VW’s New Small Family (NSF) platform, and the current crop of three-pot engines powering the Up! are closely related to the four-cylinder units used in larger cars, and therefor are compatible with the MQB platform, meaning we will probably see a three-pot Golf in the next few years.

The two-cylinder engine-powered version of the Up! is set to make its debut some time in 2013, yet an exact date has yet to be announced.


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