Microsoft to Windows XP Users: Now It’s the Time to Get Windows 8

It’s no secret that Microsoft wants to convince all users to make the move to Windows 8, but Windows XP consumers represent the company’s number one priority.

In a blog post aimed at business users, Microsoft says that it’s mandatory to dump Windows XP and deploy Windows 8 as soon as possible, not only because this old platform is not secure anymore, but also because most new hardware options will likely not support the Windows XP OS.

“Readying a company’s applications for moving from Windows XP can take a substantial amount of time. Therefore, we recommend that customers start the effort immediately, if the process has not already begun,” Microsoft explained.

This isn’t the first time when Microsoft tries to convince users to make the switch to the company’s latest operating system and similar efforts are very likely to continue in the near future.

“Customers still running Windows XP in April 2014 will face the risk of running unsupported software,” the company explained.

“To summarize, we recommend Windows XP customers focus on an accelerated departure from Windows XP, with the goal to move to an environment with Windows 8 deployed side-by-side with Windows 7.”

Windows 8 will go on sale on Friday and is considered the right solution for most user categories, including businesses. It comes with a wide array of improvements and it goes beyond the traditional desktop market, with special versions that will be installed on tablet devices and mobile phones.

The first Microsoft tablet device, called Surface and running Windows RT, is scheduled to go on sale alongside Windows 8 on October 26.


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