More BitTorrent Sites to Be Blocked in the UK at the Request of the BPI

British authorities are calling it a job well done, The Pirate Bay is blocked by most ISPs in the country, problem solved. Who cares if anyone that actually wants to visit the site can and that bypassing the ban is trivial? Justice has run its course, the copyright industry is saved.

Well, except for the fact that the countless other BitTorrent sites are still there, still working and still very much accessible from the UK.

No one trying to download something from The Pirate Bay would simply stop if the site isn’t working anymore.

But don’t worry, the music industry has the solution, even more bans on sites no one has bothered to prove are illegal. If the BPI says they are, they must be.

Armed with the success of their campaign against The Pirate Bay, success in the sense that they managed to force ISPs to block the site not that they managed to stop people from pirating or even accessing The Pirate Bay, the British Phonographic Industry is now asking ISPs to block more sites.

The BPI is asking BT, Virgin Media, Sky, O2, EE and TalkTalk to block access sites like Kickass Torrents, H33t and Fenopy.

That’s what the BPI did with The Pirate Bay the first time around, it went to the ISPs first.

And just like the first time, the ISPs are refusing to do anything without a court order. But, whereas with The Pirate Bay, they could have hoped that such a court order wouldn’t be issued, they can be sure that courts will not play along with whatever the BPI wants.

The Pirate Bay was never accused outright of doing anything illegal and nothing was proven because no one tried. The BPI said it was a pirate site the court agreed and the ban order was issued.

It’s safe to say that the BPI will have a similarly easy time censoring these sites as well and whatever other sites it wants to in the future. While the ISPs are not complying with the request voluntarily, they won’t be fighting it in court either, only a couple did with The Pirate Bay anyway.


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