Spam in September 2012: Michelle Obama, Innocence of Muslims and Coupons

Security firm Kaspersky has released its spam report for September 2012. The figures show that while the number of spam and phishing emails have increased, malware-containing emails have recorded a slight decrease compared to the previous month.

The most interesting spam topics have been a lottery run by Russian gas giant Gazprom, a job offer from Lukoil, a letter from Michelle Obama, coupons, the controversial Innocence of Muslims movie, and the upcoming holidays.

As far as spam sources go, European users were mostly bombarded with spam that originated from China (41%), USA (10%), India (9%), and Brazil (3.7%). On a global scale, the top spam sources were the same, but China is only responsible for 26% of the unsolicited messages.

Of all the emails sent in September 2012, around 3.4% contained malware. Until now, most of these malicious emails were detected in the USA, but in the past month, the country dropped to the 8th position, its place being taken by Germany.

In most cases, the piece of malware attached to these emails was Backdoor.Win32.Androm.kv.


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