Fake Tesco Credit Card Verification Notifications Used to Phish User Credentials

There are two fake Tesco Bank notifications currently making the rounds. One of them is entitled “Tesco Credit Card Verification” and the other one is called “Account Notification from Tesco.”

“At Tesco Bank we never request for your personal data, you are here by advised to validate your Tesco credit card to resolve all the issues on your account. Once this is done your Tesco credit card service would not be interrupted and would continue as normal. Proceed to Tesco Credit Card Validate to validate your credit card information,” the first email sample reads.

The second one (via millersmiles.co.uk) reads, “During our regular update and verification of the Tesco Credit Card Service. We found out your account is due for an upward review of credit limit. In order to complete the process, kindly update your information by following the link below.”

The two bogus notifications appear to be sent out by the same cybercriminal group since they’re both designed to lure victims to compromised websites from the Ukraine. The hijacked sites contain fake Tesco webpages on which users are instructed to enter their account details.

Beware of these emails. If you come across any of them, simply delete them.

If you’ve realized that you’re already a victim, immediately contact the financial institution and have them set up the appropriate safety mechanisms to protect your assets.


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