World’s Thinnest, Strongest Gaming PC: Digital Storm Bolt

Digital Storm really went out of its way to release something memorable, and while it might not exactly make history, due to the relative smallness of the market segment targeted here, it should enjoy some short-term recognition.

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Official Curiosity Mars Landing Video Blocked for Copyright Infringement

It really is starting to look like people should finally be noticing the ridiculousness of the current copyright system and the extent to which it is being abused. But that’s probably optimistic. Continue reading

Dell helped power NASA’s Curiosity rover to Mars

NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity, landed safely on the Red Planet on Sunday, and Dell actually had a small hand in the mission. Boasted to be “considered the most complication portion of the mission,” the Round Rock, Texas-based corporation reports that the landing sequence was formulated by two NASA High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters running Dell PowerEdge servers. Continue reading